Thanks, Hobby Farms Magazine for giving us the opportunity to submit the following photos in your March/April 2006  issue on pages 48-49. See issue below.. It has been a pleasure to be contacted by the Hobby Farms Editor who was looking for photos of rare heritage breeds and Jersey giants are one of those "rare" breeds. The blue Jersey Giants was recently added to the "Standard of Perfection! The name of the Photographers (Maria Hall)  are listed in the fold of the magazine. Photos were taken by Maria Hall on her farm in Underwood, Indiana or better  known as MARIA'S JERSEY GIANTS, since 1976.  Please keep your issues of Hobby Farms Magazines  along with Backyard Poultry Magazine issues. . They have a lot of useful poultry articles.  See our giants in this issue below.
Check out page 16 of the CHICKENS issue, Volume 1 in the Hobby Farms Magazine. We recommend this issue as it talks about Common Ailments & how to prevent them. Picking a breed, Hatching your own chicks, Care for your flock, Building your chicken coop, & Protecting your Flock From Predators! The nicely laced Blue Jersey Giant Hens are pictured in this issue. These are photos taken by Maria Hall and are actual breeder birds here on our farm in Underwood, Indiana.  Thanks Hobby Farms Magazine.
Check out the Backyard Poultry August/September 2007  issue to see an article written by Tommy Garrett on pages 62-63. Look for this issue below.  The Blue Jersey Giant photos pictured in the article were taken by Maria Hall & reside on our farm in Underwood, Indiana. Thank you Tommy for writing the article & a big thanks to the Backyard Poultry Magazine for allowing me to put the article up on my website. (article coming soon). The photos below were taken on our farm in Underwood, IN . These birds are actual breeders we use at Maria's Jersey Giants.   The 3 photos were used in the article.
Thank you for your interest in ourJersey Giants! See our price list HERE.     Maria's Jersey GiantsOwner:  Maria Hall      Phone: 812/752-7825

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