Maria's Jersey Giants, since 1976
My Correspondence With Golda Miller
dated July 22, 1996

A big thanks to Golda Miller from Bern, Kansas & her friend Wilson Fields from Nebraska (unfortunately both have deceased);& many others that Golda highly recommended in helping me with my grandmother's existing flock. My grandmother's bloodline has been in the family for over 100 years. When my grandmother passed away, I took over her flock as a child.  A stray dog had nearly destroyed everything in which my grandmother had worked so hard for many years! Our family first heard of Golda Miller thru a Woman's Magazine & in amazement my brother Josiah said, " Look !" This lady has chickens just like grandmas!" I was able to get in contact with Golda & purchased eggs from her directly. Golda was willing to work my existing bloodline. My lines definitely have a history & I have been very sentimental to the lines that were first started by my grandmother & was continued by using Golda's best selected hatching eggs from her "Show Quality" Blue Jersey Giants! I continue to focus on breeding nicely laced blue Jersey giants just has my grandmother did many years ago.Throughout the years I have added additional breeding stock in the way of purchasing Blue Jersey Giant roosters & hatching eggs from Blue Giant stock from individuals that Golda highly recommended who had her lines. Feel free to read her letter below where she has observed pictures of offspring from my stock & Wilson's rooster & she states, " You do have a good start of Blues. Your hen & Wilsons rooster look like they should."
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